About Us

GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd is an Indian organization that offers years of specialist experience within the freight forwarding, logistics and commercial storage sectors. Our portfolio of professional services includes international air freight, ocean freight, customs clearance, projects, insurance, packing, haulage and storage.

The creation of integrated forwarding solutions has enabled GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd to provide market sector specific, standardized client services. Sectors that currently take advantage of these specialist solutions include from sole traders to multi-nationals with varied industry interests from automotive, to garments, steel industry, power industry, retail, chemicals, cement industry, manufacturing and fabrication raw materials, steel, electronics, telecommunications, chemicals and foodstuffs. GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd Powered with an aggressive team is able to allow our business partners to be ahead of their competitors.

GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd is registered in Mumbai and our offices and key locations around the world represents an international network that helps you save time and money, whether you are doing business around the world, we have the resources, flexibility and know-how to meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively

GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd is a blend of IT and Expertise which enables our endeavor to increase proficiency. Our customers are our strengths and our belief is customer satisfaction coupled with DELIGHT; GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd dedicated network team across the GLOBE is highly responsive to all freight forwarding requirements possessing the necessary tools and expertise to help gain a competitive edge for your company. We are the intelligent choice for those companies seeking to increase profitability, strengthen their supply chain and enhance customer service, "We are not just forwarding your shipment we are adding value and respect"

The logic of GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd evolves around the customer's requirements in accordance to which cost effective customized solutions are delivered reducing the lead time and focuses on delivering efficient and quality service by professional people

Efficient, Effective and Express responses comprise the foundation of our organization. Thus the growth of GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd has been extremely brisk in a short time since inception and we are looking forward for expanding our horizons in the logistics

Environment The growth of GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd has been driven by our long-term customer's requests for us to take on additional responsibilities within our organizations. The synergy and integration achieved has been quantified to reflect bottom-line impact. Our loyalty is to high quality performance at a competitive cost, GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd facilitates their customers and partners moving ahead of their competition, we have developed and operated sophisticated information technology and computer system. This customized system integrates and co-ordinates all our activities and operation. All these programs not only increase the efficiency of our work process, they further allow us to provide more personalized service, which results in high service level, to our customers. Continuous investment will be put behind to upgrade our information technology and computer system to suit the changing demand of the market.

"Strive to accomplish, what others deem impossible, overcoming various challenges to attain and achieve customer satisfaction"


  • To deliver aggressive and cost-effective services of high-minded quality on the fields of foreign trade and logistics, aiming the contentment of all clients, collaborators, stakeholders and suppliers, through innovation and creativity, thus, achieving superiority.
  • These standards are based upon a set of fundamental values that define us, not only as an organization, but are also our guiding lines for our steady growth and development