Warehouse Management

GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd provides total logistics support for your products using its warehouse and distribution center conveniently located, handles full containers, truckloads. The products are then unloaded, sorted, inspected and inventoried according to customer requirements. We handle a wide variety of products.

We routinely arrange for break-bulk, storage and complex distribution of inbound, outbound, and domestic freight through our designated warehouses. Our bonded facilities insure complete control of in bond freight. Special arrangements with fulfillment warehouses assure adherence to the most complicated distribution requirements.

Designing an appropriate warehouse for your distribution network is important as it can reduce lead time. GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd can manage all operations right from warehouse layouts, quarantine areas to unloading/loading bays, material handling equipments, material storage systems, manpower, planning / indenting of products, bar coding solutions, to receipt and accounting, security, picking & packing, dispatching, and administration. We iron out contingencies to ensure smooth operations for our customers.