Supply chain solutions that resolve the complexities and dynamic demands of retail logistics

Whether you operate as a full service department store, upscale specialty store, brand name bargain operation or self-service discount store, our team of retail experts can help you find better ways to do business. Identifying opportunities in your retail supply chain that offer improvements through:

  • Ordered Management
  • Vendor management
  • Consolidation
  • Global air, sea and land freight management
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Deconsolidation
  • Regional Distribution Center DC and destination DC
  • Store order fulfilment
  • Distribution management
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility

Win more market share
Our value-added services are customized to serve the specialized needs of the retail industry:

Retail displays – For more responsive retail point-of-purchase support, let GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd build palletized displays that need only to be unwrapped and placed by store personnel.

Customized packaging – We satisfy special promotions or customer preferences by configuring products with special hang tags, bundling, and shrink-wrapping in our distribution centers Delivery optimization – Assure your presence on retailer shelves through delivery techniques such as direct-store-delivery and Just-In-Time (JIT) replenishment.

Returns management – GAF Global Logistics Pvt.Ltd will inspect and sort for restock or other disposition, processing returned goods and related reporting.